Chambers of the heart (the right and left atria). canada viagra generic These incisions will then be sutured (sewn) together. This creates scar tissue that stops electrical activity from passing through the upper chambers. viagra women taking The heart must be stopped and a heart-lung machine used for the cox-maze procedure. buy viagra online usa This procedure is also referred to as atrial fibrillation ablation. viagra women taking Although there are various techniques, this is the most common technique for surgical ablation. Surgical ablation  newer technologies have been developed that make it possible to perform cardiac ablation without making incisions (cuts) inside the heart. viagra sales canada A number of different approaches have been developed to destroy the areas of malfunctioning heart tissue, including radiofrequency (rf) waves, microwave, laser or freezing. One such new procedure called minimally invasive cardiac surgery for atrial fibrillation is now being conducted more often in canada. Catheter ablation catheter ablation is a non-surgical procedure that uses thin, flexible tubes called catheters to reach inside the heart. It does not require a general anesthetic or stopping the heart. viagra prescription help This technique is used more commonly with newer technologies in large centres. buy viagra online To perform the procedure, one or more catheters are inserted into the blood vessels and are threaded into the heart using a fluoroscope (a form of moving x-ray picture). Catheters referred to as diagnostic catheters will be used to study the abnormal heart rhythm and determine where the problem is located. viagra online Once the location of the abnormal heart tissue has been identified, a special ablation catheter will be positioned nearby. A tip on the ablation catheter will emit high-frequency electrical energy to destroy the abnormal tissue, resulting in a scar. The scar tissue is incapable of initiating the electrical signal causing the arrhythmia. order viagra In other words, it fixes the short-circuit. viagra without prescription After the procedure your recovery will depend upon the type of procedure you underwent (catheter or surgical procedure), and whether other surgery was performed at the same time. safer alternative to viagra When you return home, keep an eye on your incisions. Some bruising is normal but contact your doctor if you experience increased pain, redness, swelling, bleeding or other draining from an incision, fever or chills. Some. viagra women taking