Id aortic valve with coarctation; familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissections; shprintzen-goldberg syndrome; other aneurysms and dissections of the thoracic aorta not due to trauma, <50yo; other congenital heart disease last updated: may 16, 2012 recruiting 11 reproduction and survival after cardiac defect repair condition(s): cardiovascular diseases; heart diseases; defect, congenital heart; aortic valve stenosis; transposition of great vessels; ductus arteriosus, patent; heart septal defects, atrial; heart septal defects, ventricular; down syndrome; tetralogy of fallot; pulmonic stenosis; coarctation of aorta last updated: june 23, 2005 completed 12 evaluation of vascular pathology with 3d, time-resolved phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging (mri) condition(s): healthy last updated: july 25, 2008 enrolling by invitation 13 genetic analysis of phace syndrome (hemangioma with other congenital anomalies) condition(s): phace syndrome last updated: july 19, 2011 recruiting share clinical trials facebook stumble! generic viagra without prescription viagra y viagra order viagra Tweet google +1 pin print tell a friend more… get these results via email or rss subscribe via rss subscribe via email subscribe via web newsreaders subscribe via newsreaders clinical trials by condition conditions a-z conditions by category clinical trials by drug drugs a-z drugs by category clinical trials for rare diseases rare diseases a-z clinical trials of dietary supplements dietary supplements a-z dietary supplements by category clinical trials by sponsor sponsors a-z sponsors by category clinical trials by location locations a-z locations by region about clinical trials research clinical trials research faq glossary of clinical trials research terms site details about and contact help with clinical trials feeds clinicaltrials feeds. cheapest viagra on the web how long does the viagra pill last viagra best price Org follow @medfeeds on twitter browse clinical trials drugs a-z drugs by category conditions a-z conditions by category rare diseases a-z more clinical trials… clinical trials background clinical trials faq clinical trials glossary about about and contact rss clinical trials feeds help at clinical trials feeds, we connect patients and medical professionsals with the latest clinical trials research, using data supplied by the us national institute. viagra online viagra 100 mg 8 tablet buy viagra canada viagra y viagra can i buy viagra online from canada viagra without prescription